Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Hey, this is my blog. My name's Gianni, but my internet username is General Goose.

I guess a good way of starting this blog is to talk a bit about myself. I'm a 17-year old resident of London. My dominant interests and hobbies are politics, gaming, writing, watching TV comedies on YouTube and playing bass guitar. Contrary to what this username, and the name of the blog, may lead you to believe, I am not a member of the military, I am not affiliated with the military in anyway, and have no plans to join the military. I am neither physically nor psychologically strong enough. The empty chair Clint Eastwood argued against would be a better candidate for the military than me. The name "General Goose" derives from a time when a prepubescent me was hoping to become the creator of the next big animated sitcom.

One of the characters in said sitcom was General Goose, the sidekick of the Evil Duck of Doom, the main villain of the show who would mostly just serve as comic relief. General Goose was one of the few somewhat-original, non-crappy parts of the design I had in mind for the show, and so I decided to pay tribute to him, upon finding out that the name Evil Duck of Doom was taken, by using that name for my Steam account. It has been my near-universal username on the internet since, except for my now-long abandoned RuneScape account, where I went with the rock-and-roll name Sir_Dude216.

I wish I could say I had a particular purpose in mind for this blog, but I don't. Over the past few months, I've just had semi-frequent fleeting desires to write blog posts on a variety of subjects, from politics to gaming, and I decided to create this blog so I had a place to fulfil those fleeting desires. I have really only had one blog before. That too was named "General Goose's Army Report", but I assumed I was allowed to reuse the title as, when I created the blog, which was three or four years ago, I was rather slobby with capitalisation. That blog had no purpose other than as a place for me to post crappy gmod pictures I had made.

And with that awkward and clunky introductory post out of the way, let this blog begin.

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